Natalia Jude

Natalia Jude, Pilates instructor

What inspired you to become a Pilates teacher? 

I became a Pilates Instructor because I wanted to share the mind/body connection I found with Pilates. I love the way Pilates uses movement with intention. I love that Pilates is for Everyone! I am passionate about self care and I love seeing how Pilates does that not just for myself but for everyone else seeking the same care!

What makes your class unique? 

When I teach I bring intention with every movement. I want you to understand where your unique body lies in space and how you use every movement to enhance the muscles in your body with strength and grace. It’s not about how well you do the movement, it’s about consistency and progression. I love seeing different bodies gradually improving!

What's your favorite thing about teaching at PPYThrive? 

I’m excited to teach at Thrive Pilates! I love the sense of community this place holds and how they make their clients their priority. Community is everything!

What are you doing when you're not teaching at Thrive? 

In my spare time I love to hike and be with nature. I love animals and being around them all the time. We foster dogs and hope to foster barn animals one day. My creative side loves to take photos of people and nature and I love to color! I color in drawing books daily. It’s my form of meditation.

What's one song that will always pump you up?

Jump from Madonna always gets me going!

Current services offered: Pilates classes, Pilates Stick, TRX, Private Pilates