Mari Rubin

Creative, sincere, passionate, powerful and mindful

Mari Rubin, Pilates instructor

What inspired you to become a Pilates teacher?

The precision and fluidity of pilates makes me feel so empowered and strong, and I'm so passionate about sharing this feeling with others! Pilates has allowed me to make movement accessible to every BODY, regardless of shape, size or age.

What makes your class unique?

I really push my students to test their boundaries in a safe and effective way, and I also really focus on maintaining a great flow throughout class. I encourage students to treat their bodies with respect through mindfulness and a sense of presence - all set to playlist of awesome music!

What's your favorite thing about teaching at PPYThrive?

The authenticity of our community - both students and staff! It's truly a judgement free zone - a rare find in the world of boutique fitness.

What are you doing when you're not teaching Pilates? 

Riding my bike around the city, trying new workouts, reading many many books and enjoying time with friends and family.

What's one song that will always pump you up? 

Kiss by Prince always makes me want to move!

Current services offered: TRX, pilates mat: beginner, intermediate/advanced, open level & pilates + props, private pilates