Corina Cleffi

Anatomical, thorough, attentive, analytical, patient

Corina Cleffi, Pilates instructor

What inspired you to become a Pilates teacher? 

My dad actually introduced me to Pilates. I quickly fell in love with the ways the Pilates method could be used for rehabilitation, pain management, and the creation of positive movement experiences for every body!

What makes your class unique? 

Most of my time is dedicated to teaching private sessions, so when I pop onto the schedule to teach a class I try to use props to make class fun and challenging. My goal is to help you find your best alignment and posture while also pushing you to your physical edge. I might even crack a few bad jokes if you're lucky!

What's your favorite thing about teaching at PPYThrive? 

I love sharing a space with the other instructors at Thrive Pilates. There is always so much I can learn from listening to and watching other teachers.

What are you doing when you're not teaching Pilates? 

When I'm not teaching Pilates, you can find me spending time with friends or catching up on sleep. I enjoy playing recreational sports, traveling, cooking, skiing, and spending time by the ocean. There's also a pretty good chance that I'm using my spare time to research injuries and their associated treatment methods so that I have more information to better serve my clients.

What's one song that will always pump you up? 

I use music as a tool to ground myself rather than pump myself up. One of the songs that reminds me how lucky I am is "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw

Current services offered: Private sessions focused on injury rehabilitation, pain management, or pre-natal and post-natal care.