Colette Marie

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What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? 

The moment I knew I wanted to serve others in a profound and healing way. Yoga and meditation both were the paths I chose to be of service.

What makes your class unique? 

In each class I make connections with those in the room and teach according to their needs. In so doing, we laugh, we learn and we all experience something special each time.

What's your favorite thing about teaching at PPYThrive? 

Our community of teachers, students, friends, and family who all work to support the growth of this wonderful gem!

What are you doing when you're not teaching Pilates? 

I write :) I have written and published 3 books, 2 of which I have written and published while living here in Philadelphia this past year: “The Miracle of Plant Medicine & The Practice of Yoga” and “The Power of Change”, both available on Amazon.

What's one song that will always pump you up? 

“Breathe” by Tèlèpopmusik

Current services offered: private & group classes, specialty workshops, private events