Philly Power Yoga


Power Yoga: Let our expert yoga instructors take you to your edge and beyond with a unique sequence of flowing asanas (yoga poses) linked together by breath. In a room heated to 90 degrees, Power Yoga is guaranteed to increase strength, cardio-vascular endurance and flexibility. Bring a mat, towel and water, 'cause you're gonna sweat! Yoga class times are 60, 75 and 90 minutes long.

Beginner Power Yoga: This hour Power Yoga class will introduce asana basics to you. Move through all of the frequently taught yoga poses, learn to deepen your breath, and figure out what modifications are needed for your body. After going through these beginner power yoga classes, we encourage every student to move at their own pace. Philly Power Yoga is about overcoming challenge, personal achievement, self love and self care. All are welcome to try!

Yoga Stretch & Restore: Gently move into yoga poses designed to help with flexibility without pushing yourself over the limit. Each yoga pose is held for 3-5 minutes to get the fullest possible stretch as well as time to relax your mind and connect to your breath. You'll complement your Power Yoga practice or other type of athletic exercise by learning to slow down, stretch, and make the muscles soft and pliable in Yoga Stretch & Restore.

YP Fusion: The best of yoga & Pilates in ONE class. Fuse the asana flow & breath-work of yoga with the core strength, focus & precision of Pilates for an unforgettable workout intended to target all major muscle groups and improve balance both physically and mentally.

*This class takes place in the heated yoga studio - expect to sweat!

Thrive Pilates

Pilates Mat I/II: This mat class is a great place to start for beginners or those new to Pilates altogether. The slower pace and modified exercises will help you to learn the system and prepare you to join open-level mat classes as you progress.

Pilates Mat II/III: A classical Pilates mat class with flow and balance. Modifications for both increasing and decreasing challenge will be available in class as well as potential use of Pilates props. Progress your technique and form and bring your understanding of Pilates and your body to heightened levels of awareness!

Pilates Mat (Open Level): Our signature Pilates mat class, perfect for practitioners of all levels! This flow is geared towards beginners and advanced practitioners alike, utilizing creative modifications and amplifications. Expect a great workout utilizing all of the classical mat work and Pilates fundamentals.

Pilates Morning Wake Up: An open level Pilates mat class designed to get your energy flowing, and the body and brain ready for a successful day ahead!

Pilates Mid-Day Escape: An open level, Pilates mat workout. Pop in over lunch to get your body moving and blood flowing! Written up as one of the best mid-day workouts in Philly, it's guaranteed to be effective and challenging!

Abs and Arms: A challenging mat workout using the principles of traditional Pilates to focus on major muscle groups in the arms, shoulders, back and abdominals.

Pilates Roll & Release: This Thrive Pilates signature class integrates the foam roller to both challenge your core strength and balance, and provide relief from tension & tightness. You will build strength, coordination and balance while simultaneously improving flexibility and releasing sore muscles. Roll into your week tension free with this unique class!

Mindful Flow: Move mindfully through a sequence of Pilates mat exercises focused on increasing mobility, strength, flexibility and integration throughout the body. You'll have the opportunity to move at a slower, more mindful pace in order to gain a clearer understanding of how to move your body in a more efficient and healthy manner.

Abs, Arms & A$$: Strengthen and lengthen in this open-level Pilates mat class targeting your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) body parts. Feel strong, sexy and empowered to embrace your beautiful body!

Pilates + Props: Play around with props in this creative & challenging class! All levels are welcome, but keep in mind that props often serve to amplify the practice, making this a more challenging flow.

Pilates Stick Sculpt: Use the resistance loaded bar and loops to perform a variety of exercises that are laying, sitting, kneeling and standing. This Pilates class also has a broader focus on strengthening all body parts with additional leg, standing and arm work. A challenging class for all students as well as a great way to get the experience of working with the Pilates equipment, learn technique and continue your progress!

Barre Sculpt: Barre fitness classes at Thrive Pilates are unique and diverse--no two classes are ever the same. What is consistent is every teachers' attention to detail, and their energy, enthusiasm and experience. Thrive classes will help you tone, stretch and enjoy the agility, strength and flexibility of a dancer, though dance experience is not required.

Barre Sculpt Express: Our signature Barre Sculpt, but condensed into a 45 minute class! Expect fast paced sequences with few chances to rest.

Greatest Hits, Pilates, barre & yoga: Enjoy the most satisfying and effective blend of exercises from three of your favorite classes. Power up your core with a Pilates warm-up, tone and feel the burn with a series of barre exercises, then lengthen and flow into a yoga sequence designed to leave you feeling both revitalized and relaxed. You will fire up your muscles, ground with breath, focus your mind and strengthen the entire body through this rejuvenating flow.

Pilates Arc: Craving a way to extend, lengthen and strengthen in a healthy and balanced way? The Pilates Arc is an amazing prop designed to support spinal extension and side bending as well as challenge balance and strength. Improve your posture, relieve tension, and move your body in new and different ways in this Thrive signature class.