Ilia Stranko

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Ilia Stranko is a Personal Growth & Healing Specialist, public speaker, workshop creator, certified vibrational sound therapist, reiki master, and licensed massage therapist, who guides modern soul-searchers along their healing journey.

She left a 10-year career as a social worker and went into years of deep spiritual study and emerged on a new path: to help people heal by using their energetic body as a guide.

In her private practice, she uses a combination of mindset - coaching, sound therapy, energy work, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage to help her clients learn to trust their bodies again, while releasing negative patterns from their lives.

In addition to her in-person private practice, she teaches workshops in the community, offers online mind-set coaching, distance energy readings, chakra energy readings, home clearings and spiritual guidance. Her favorite thing is to teach individuals how to trust their intuition, create a soulful practice that feels good to them, manage their energetic body, and most importantly, how to embrace a new path that comes from releasing old patterns and inviting in the new. Learn more at