helpful studio tips



If it is your first time visiting our studio:

  • Arrive for class 10-20 minutes early. This allows a proper orientation before class begins (bathrooms, lockers, sign our studio waiver.)
  • Upon entering our center; remove your shoes, check-in at the front desk and handle any necessary payments.
  • You may bring water into the studio. However, we ask that you leave all other drinks, food and even gum at home.
  • Please stack your belongings neatly in a cubby, shelf or locker.
  • If you need to change before class, please do so in the designated changing areas. Please avoid using restrooms to change and keep all hallways clear.
  • Only mats, towels, water and bodies are allowed in any studio. Absolutely no phones, purses etc. We lock all doors behind us so the storage area is secure during class and we also have security cameras as well. Please only use your cell-phone in the hallway entryway, and not in the studio, bathroom or reception areas at all.
  • Please, be sure to leave your jewelry and valued belongings at home. Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates are not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is very easy to take off jewelry in the middle of class and forget to pick it up when leaving, avoid the possibility altogether by taking it off at home.



What to bring

In All Classes:

  • Set your mat up on the floor. Be courteous and sure to provide maximum mirror space for all students.
  • Help out by moving your mat to make space, picking up props and cleaning up your space after classes, handing out props that may be used in class etc.
  • Enter the yoga room quietly and use the time before class for meditation or gentle stretching. Please introduce yourself to your neighbors (you may get close!). Feel free to chat quietly but please be respectful of anyone that may be silent before class.
  • Please be aware of personal hygiene and be mindful of air quality (deodorant is great, strong perfumes and colognes are not and please remember to wash your yoga mat!)
  • If you have a concern about hygiene in the studio - just let any staff member know!

Yoga Classes:

Options for Mats:
1. Bring your own each day
2. Purchase mat storage for $5 a month to keep your mat at the studio.
3. We offer a limited number of mats for rent at the studio.  Bring your own, but if you forget once, rent a mat from us (with a towel) for $3 cash only.  Mat Rental is included with your single drop-in yoga class purchase.
4. Purchase a mat. This will serve you energetically & hygienically. Not all yoga mats are created equal so we recommend that you purchase your yoga mat at our yoga centers. We carry top of the line Manduka and Jade Yoga mats, they'll change your life!


Drink lots of water in the 24 hour prior period to power yoga class. Dehydration will greatly affect your experience. The yoga class room is heated to 86 degrees. Bring water or purchase Water or Coconut water at the studio for just $2.

We recommend clothing that allows you to move freely and sweat. It greatly helps you and the yoga teacher if you don’t cover your ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders with baggy clothing. The visibility of these joints will deepen your experience.


Pilates Mat/Stick Classes:
We provide all pilates mats and props for our Pilates classes.
You are welcome to bring your own mat and/or towel.
You may practice barefoot or in socks, it is your preference.


Please wear comfortable athletic clothing you can move in. Baggy tops are not recommended as the Pilates instructor will need to see the body moving and working to give you the best Pilates experience possible.


Kickboxing and Thrive Cardio Sculpt:
Sneakers are required for cardio classes.  You may choose to purchase weighted gloves at the studio for $25/pair to use in cardio classes to amplify your cardio experience as well.
Water and a towel is also highly recommended.  We offer Thrive water & coconut water at the studio for $2.


Barre Classes:
We provide all props for our Barre classes. You may choose to purchase weighted gloves at the studio for $25/pair to use in Barre classes to amplify your Barre experience as well.

Barefoot or Grippy toe socks only. Grippy Toe Socks are also on sale at the studio for $15/pair.


Can I eat before class?

Practice on an empty stomach. We recommend that you wait at least 2-3 hours after eating to practice yoga. If absolutely necessary drink some juice or eat lightly.

Kickboxing and Cardio Classes are particularly challenging and a meal or snack is recommended a few hours prior to help conserve energy for the class.


Yoga Stretch:
We provide all blankets and props for these classes.  Please be sure to bring your own mat or rent a mat at the studio for $3 cash.


Pre-Natal Yoga & Pre-natal Pilates:

We highly recommend that if you are planning to become pregnant, you begin or maintain your pre-natal Pilates/Yoga routine (with doctors approval of course). Not only does a regular pre-natal exercise routine help with a healthy and fit pregnancy, but previous experience with Pilates and movement is recommended by most doctors before starting a pre-natal Pilates or Yoga exercise regime during pregnancy.


We provide all props for pre-natal Pilates & Yoga.  Your own yoga mat is recommended for pre-natal yoga. 


Mommy & Me Yoga & Pilates Classes baby carriers are highly recommended as there are stairs and small space for strollers.  Please bring all items needed to make your baby comfortable, blankets are provided.  You will be asked to take any dirty diapers and trash with you when you leave. 




All private instructor appointment availability is subject to change. Please wait for confirmation from private instructor before arriving for an appointment requested using our online system. 

Private Pilates & Private Yoga Session Cancellation Policy:

At Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates, Health & Fitness we kindly request that if you cancel a private appointment, you do so at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, your session will be deducted from your package or you will be subject to charge for that session (if you don't already have a package). In order to keep the studio running efficiently, we must enforce this policy. Emergency consideration does apply on a case by case basis.



Studio Class Cancellation Policy:

Please note the following arrival policies:

-Please arrive at 10-15 minutes before class. Late arrivals are subject to forfeiting a spot to someone on the waiting list if the class is full.
-If you purchased this class using the online store, your account is credited for 1 class. Refunds are not issued via cancellation or no-show.
-If you have a class card, you must manually cancel your reservation. Visit the HELP tab in the system for detailed instructions.
Please Note our Class Cancellation Policy:
Effective January 1st 2016, all classes have a 6-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel within 6 hours prior to the class, it is considered late and you lose the class from your class card or account.
All clients with an auto-pay membership are allowed up to ONE free late cancel in a 1 calendar month period. Any further late cancel or no show classes on your account result in a $10 charge per class.  All clients with a 10 class card will lose each class absent or late cancelled automatically from the class card.

Specialty classes such as master classes, pre-natal classes and workshops have a 12 to 24 hour cancellation policy.

All private and semi-private sessions for yoga, massage, Pilates and acupuncture must be cancelled within 24 hours. If you fail to cancel before 24 hours, you will be charged the full fee for the visit. All sessions must first be confirmed via email or phone with the instructor/therapist. Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates are not liable for un-confirmed appointments.


Refund Policy

Returns are available via account credit only.  If you are unable to use a package that you have purchased we allow you to use it towards another service or product at our studio.  No refunds.



Alert the teacher to any injury(ies), limitation(s) and especially pregnancy prior to starting class with us. This will help the teacher adjust you and/or give you a modification to postures and/or exercises. This is for your safety and the longevity of your practice.

You may quietly raise your hand or motion to the instructor to assist you, but all of our classes are flowing classes, so please be courteous of other students when interrupting class or asking questions.

If you are not feeling well during class recline onto your back or take childs pose during yoga. Take breaks in all classes when needed. Acknowledge your limitations and realize with regular practice and good alignment you are on your way to optimal health!



Accomodations: The studio has 4 private bathrooms + 3 changing rooms and many cubbies/coat hooks for your belongings.  There are no showers available for clients.